Friday, March 2, 2012


The last part in completing the project is to present the information that we have discussed about how Malaysian culture affects English Language in Malaysia. For my group, we were asked to find how educational policies affect English Language in Malaysia. First, we have disscussed among ourselves and able to find some educational policy in that we think could affect the English Language in Malaysia.

After searching all the relevance information on the internet, we decided to take five educational policy in Malaysia. The policies were Bahasa Melayu as a medium of communication, examination based learning, teaching English Language in Bahasa Melayu, PPSMI and the latest policy, MBMMBI. We decided to take the presentation based on our name list. So, i wll present the last policy.

The policy that i presenting was “To uphold Bahasa Melayu and to strengthen the English Language”, also known as MBMMBI. I presented this policy based on three main aspects, increase the quality of English language teachers, the transformation of primary school English curriculum.

After completed this task, I feel that I am able to understand all the educational policy and the affects that can be seen on English Language quality among Malaysian. This is very important since we are the future English teacher. So, we can ready ourselves in overcome all the problem that might occur and support all the policy that can improve the quality of English Language among Malaysians. Besides that, this task gives me a confidence boost in presenting in front of the class especially during the English language class.

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