Friday, March 2, 2012


The last part in completing the project is to present the information that we have discussed about how Malaysian culture affects English Language in Malaysia. For my group, we were asked to find how educational policies affect English Language in Malaysia. First, we have disscussed among ourselves and able to find some educational policy in that we think could affect the English Language in Malaysia.

After searching all the relevance information on the internet, we decided to take five educational policy in Malaysia. The policies were Bahasa Melayu as a medium of communication, examination based learning, teaching English Language in Bahasa Melayu, PPSMI and the latest policy, MBMMBI. We decided to take the presentation based on our name list. So, i wll present the last policy.

The policy that i presenting was “To uphold Bahasa Melayu and to strengthen the English Language”, also known as MBMMBI. I presented this policy based on three main aspects, increase the quality of English language teachers, the transformation of primary school English curriculum.

After completed this task, I feel that I am able to understand all the educational policy and the affects that can be seen on English Language quality among Malaysian. This is very important since we are the future English teacher. So, we can ready ourselves in overcome all the problem that might occur and support all the policy that can improve the quality of English Language among Malaysians. Besides that, this task gives me a confidence boost in presenting in front of the class especially during the English language class.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Language game

The next task is to create a language game on word formation. There are some language games that we can found in the bookstore. But, the famous language game based on word formation is “scrabble”.

For our group’s language game, we decided to create a language game based on “scrabble” since this game is so popular around the world. Then, we combined it with some rules from the famous card game, “poker”. We named this game as “word poker”.

This game comes with some simple rules. Played in group consists of 4 – 6 person. Then, cards consists of letter and marks will be given to each group and shown in front of the class. Each group will try to create words with the given letter. The player that is able to create the word with the highest mark to become the winner.

For me, this game is very interesting and can be used during teaching students to make a word because this word game is also very simple and the teacher can carry these cards anywhere, anytime.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tongue twister

Tongue twister is a word or group of words which is difficult to articulate clearly and quickly. This is usually because of a succession of similar consonantal sounds, as in Shall she sell seashells? So, tongue twister is something difficult to pronounce.

As for me, it is difficult if we just pronounce the sentence quickly. But, with some catchy tune, it will become easier for us to articulate it clearly and quickly. This was the tongue twister that my group and I have presented.

Fresh fried fish,
Fish fresh fried,
Fried fish fresh,
Fish fried fresh.

Rory the warrior and Roger the worrier were reared wrongly in a rural brewery

Denise sees the fleece,
Denise sees the fleas.
At least Denise could sneeze
and feed and freeze the fleas.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Tree diagrams. This is not new to me because as I remember, I have learnt it during foundation. The shape and the concept is almost the same. The one and only difference is this time I learnt it in English Language. I think that I enjoy learning it.

For the assignment, I need to make a worksheet with two sentences for analysis using tree diagrams with its suggested answers. I created two sentences as shown below:

1.    The doctor runs quickly into the emergency room.
2.    The boy kicks the ball into the drain.

I think that this new knowledge that I have learnt could help me a lot during teaching English Language in the future because as an English teacher, it is very important for me to know and master English Language from the basic.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Mime is one of the most ancient forms of theatre, appearing around the time of the Greek tragedies. Throughout the ages of theatrical history, mime has made its mark on everything from religious rituals to street theatre and classical ballet.

Miming appears very simple but it takes a lot of skill and practice to make it appear realistic. Mime study can be very useful, not only for actors and other performers, but for anyone who needs to communicate clearly.

Use your body to talk. When miming, talking or mouthing the words is not necessary. Instead, use facial expressions and make use of your whole body to do the 'talking'. Use a mirror (or an audience) to assess what movements are the most successful in conveying emotions, feelings, attitudes and reactions. A full length mirror is a necessity for beginners but bear in mind the mirror is a friend you will need to leave behind at performance time. A video camera, if available, is also an invaluable tool to utilize.

In the making of this video, I think of someone which could be the best mime actor in the world which is Rowan Atkinson who played “Mr. Bean” in the TV series, Mr. Bean.

This is the mime video by our group. Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Role play

For the first step to complete this assignment, my group, consists of Abdul Hadi, Fadzillah, Hisyamuddin and I was asked to prepare a dialogue with at least five language functions for role play. This was also the task for my week 2 tutorial. Before presenting it in front of the class, the dialogue were checked and analysed by Mdm. Ira. For me, this role play that we were doing was actually a little boring because it happens in a meeting room, when a person was having a meeting. So, if there is another chance for us to do this kind of role play in the future, I want to make it in a different way. On that presenting day, we were asked to present this dialogue without looking to the script. So, I have to memorize the dialogue in just a few minutes given earlier by Mdm. Ira. Since this task was a part of our assignment, I am very keen in doing this well. After completing this task, I am able to understand and detect all the function of language.

I learned that different language function can gives a different meaning although the sentence given was almost the same. This was the dialogue that we used in the role play asked by Mdm. Ira.

CEO               : Tuan Haji Hisyamuddin
Presenter       : Fadzillah
Worker 1        : Abdul Hadi
Worker 2        : Muhammad Azam

Encik Hadi, please inform all board directors, we have an urgent meeting 10 minutes from now.
Yes Encik Fadzillah. Excuse me, we have an urgent meeting 10 minutes from now. I hope everyone will come prepared for the meeting.

(The CEO enters the meeting room)

Adel, Azam & Didie
Good Morning Tuan Haji.
Good morning. Have a seat.
Tuan Haji, this is the file that you asked just now.
Thank you. (Take a look at the file given by Azam for a while). So, should we start our meeting Encik Fadzillah?
Yes, Tuan Haji. Good morning to all of you. We just received a call from our management office from Hawaii. We have got some problems regarding to our project there. Some of the workers are not satisfied with the payment. They wanted the salary to be increased up to 10%.
That’s a really high demand. 10% is not a small amount. We cannot satisfy everyone’s desire.
Yes, I agree. But, I think if we do not listen to their request, big problems might occur.
We cannot let this problem distract our project. This project is our biggest investment for this year.
Besides, we must take care of our reputation. This problem would affect our good reputation now.
Encik Fadzillah, what is their work performance?
Some of them are doing well in their work and some of them are not really committed.
Maybe we can increase the payment but decrease the number of the workers.
Yes, let us keep those who are really committed to their work.
This problem is very serious. So I would like you, Encik Hadi to prepare the suggestion on paper and I would like to have it by next Monday.
I will have that one done Tuan Haji!
As for you Encik Azam, I want you to check each department to analyse the number of workers needed to be employed. Remember, we will give some compensation to help them.
Yes, Tuan Haji. Anything else, Tuan Haji?
Exactly. I want both of you to go to Hawaii to inform the workers there about our planning and I want it to be done harmoniously.
Yes, Tuan Haji. We will do that as soon as possible.
Is there anything that you want to share? If not, the meeting will be adjourned. I will chew over this problem and consider all your suggestions. Thank you for your cooperation.

The function of language:
To Inform
·         Encik Hadi, please inform all board directors, we have an urgent meeting 10 minutes from now.
To Greet
·         Good morning Tuan Haji.
To Thank
·         Thank you
To Explain
·         We just received a call from our management from Hawaii. We have got some…..
To Object
·         That’s really a high demand. 10% is not a small amount. We cannot satisfy everyone’s desire.
To Ask for Information
·         Encik Fadzillah, how was their achievement in their work?
·         Anything else, Tuan Haji?
To Answer
·         Some of them are doing well in their work and some….
To Suggest
·         Maybe we can increase the payment but decrease the number of the workers.

To Agree
·         Yes, I agree.
·         Yes, let us keep those who are really committed in their work.
To Instruct
·         So I would like you, Encik Hadi to prepare the suggestion on paper and I would like to have it by next Monday.
·         I want you to consider to each department to classify the number of workers to stay working.
·         I want both of you to go to Hawaii to inform the workers there…

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello Semester 5!

I’m in semester 5 already. It’s felt like only a moment ago Mr. Camillus Ong taught me English for Undergraduates. Now, Mdm. Ira Sandhu teaches English for my class. The first task that Mdm. Ira asks we to do is to write a reflection in a blog. So, this blog will be used to write all the reflection for English for Language Teachers subject.

For the first week of lecture, Mdm. Ira explains what we will learn throughout this semester. I feel that this subject will help me a lot especially in my speaking and pronunciation. Then, we were explained the project that we will be doing in this semester so that we will be able to prepare and begin to search all the relevance information on the internet or in the library.

After that, in pairs we were asked to write about what we think about the definition of language and read it aloud in front of the class. I found that there were a lot of meanings based on one’s opinion that we can say about language.